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.. nothing lasts forever, this is true in real live, but it matches even better for virtual reality.

As a developer for a homepage you have a hard live. Wasting hours and nights for a acceptable design, navigation and content management – and as soon as you have finished your job, it’s outdated again.

But at the other hand it’s fun learning new technologies and see the page is kind of “living” ..

So, here we are, with a new face of our news-online-section!

It’s splited into 3 parts:

Enjoy browsing through our gallery or our articles!   Norbert Suchanek

The Gallery script is provided under GNU General Public License (GPL) ... which means it's free - thanx to the Developer great job! [COPPERMINE]

The Article's part (database, authoring front-end, search machine with highlighting function) has been programmed by myself ... which means it's free too - at least for Clefs d'Or Austria ;-)